A Destination Market

Magpie Market is a Destination Market in Hawke's Bay

Some Stalls you'll find

We have a few of the usual bric a brac  and home-made stalls but we have a lot more high quality items at our stalls too. There's original art, hand crafted chocolates, oils and chili products, beeswax and honey products and beauty products. These sit alongside hand made jewelry, original items for your doggies, clever cushions and wooden items. There really is something for everyone and all high quality. 

We all have a concept of a market

Magpie Market is not your usual market. We are an indoor event with 30+ stalls most months. We have a sausage sizzle because everyone wants a sausage on Saturday morning! We also have a caravan full of tasty treats and excellent coffee. Because we are run in a hall we have good toilet access and there's a stage where we sometimes have some live entertainment. 

Then there's the little special touches - we're friendly, fun and helpful. If you are looking for a particular stall and it's not there this month then we can usually put you in touch with them. You also get to go in the draw fior a hampler full of goodies when you buy from one of our stalls. one entry for every purchase (it's drawn a the end of the day and usually delivered to your door on Monday.


When you buy from a market you're not helping a CEO buy a 3rd holiday home. You're helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his team jersey and mums and dads put food on the table. Whereelse does the vendor do a little happy jig every time they make a sale? Buy local.

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